Juicy breasts!

Tender, Juicy Chicken Breasts

How many times have you tried cooking chicken breasts and ended up with dry, over-cooked meat? Is it possible to cooking a boneless, skinless, chicken breast and have it be moist, juicy and tender?

Luckily for you, all you need is a sharp chef knife, and a bit of practice!

The problem with drying out chicken breasts, is that they are too thick to quickly cook all the way through. By the time you get the middle to cook, you’ve over-cooked and dried out the outside. And, because you’ve probably been warned zealously about salmonella, you probably tend to cook chicken way past the safe point.

By slicing your chicken breast into really thin slices, you ensure that the meat cooks through quickly. This prevents it from drying out, and you end up with a juicy, moist, and tender chicken breast that your family will love!  Check out the video.