How to roast bell peppers

How to Roast Bell Peppers

Roasting bell peppers is not only delicious, but did you know that it’s actually necessary? North Americans are the only people that eat whole bell peppers (with skin and seeds). The skin and seeds of a bell peppers are known to have plant proteins called “lectins” which the plant uses to defend themselves against predators. These lectins can cause indigestion, upset stomach and many other potential reactions. By removing the seeds and skin, you can ensure that the peppers will be free of these lectins and will be safe to eat. Many cultures alredy know this.

By removing the seeds, and roasting the peppers in the oven, the skin will come right off as you will see in this video.

Roast peppers are a great addition to steak, pasta, pizza, and even sandwiches. Have you ever had a proscuitto and mozzarella sandwich? Try adding some roasted peppers in there for a flavor explosion!