How to make baked ice cream

How to make baked ice cream

On this “How To” episode, Chef Cristian Feher shows you how to make an easy and delicious dessert – Baked ice cream!

This is similar to baked Alaska, or even fried ice cream in the sense that the ice cream inside of a ramekin is insulated from the heat of a broiler by the layer of meringue that is added on top.

This dessert has a complex taste, texture and appearance, but is very simple to make. Impress your next dinner party guests by making them this simple and elegant baked ice cream recipe.

And remember, the two most important points touched upon in the video, were:

  1. Make sure that the bowl you are using to make merigue, is completely free of oils or fats, or the meringue will not rise and stiffen.
  2. Leave your eggs out for a couple of hours to get the egg whites to reach room temperature. This will help with the rising and stiffening of the meringue.