Fastest Watermelon Cutting

The Fastest Way to Cut a Watermelon into Chunks

You hauled your watermelon all the way home, and the thought of that juicy, sweet, thirst-quenching flesh is calling your name, “Eat me!”  So, what’s the fastest way to get in there? Usually, you just hack it in half and eat it with a spoon. But then, all the juice pools in the middle and the outside layer dries out. You manage to half-assedly stick a layer of plastic wrap over it and put it in the fridge. But, by the next day it’s soggy and gross. So, you end up throwing out most of your watermelon.  You wish you could cut it into neat chunks like they do at the supermarket, but that takes too long. You tried cutting it into wedges and eating those, but it wasn’t that fast, and you got juice all over your pants. If only there was a way to quickly and neatly cut a watermelon into chunks! Then you’d be able to have your watermelon and eat it too!

Well, my friend, you came to the right place. If neat, quick chunks of watermelon you seek, find the video above and take a peek!