Everything is bigger in Texas!

When they said, “Everything is bigger in Texas!” they really meant it!

I just got back from Dallas where we filmed scenes for our first episode of “On The Cutting Board”. We were only there for 4 days, and I could have easily stayed for a month! There is so much to see and do there. The first thing that blew me away was the architecture. They have some big, beautiful buildings. It wasn’t long before I started referring to Dallas as the Dubai of Texas. There is a definite undertone of mega-wealth in that city. But it isn’t over the top like Vegas – Texans have an easy manner which was very comforting to be around. They also have big hearts.

I was expecting a rough-and-tough atmosphere,  but was pleasantly surprised to find class, friendliness, and Southern manners.

As you will get to know, On The Cutting Board is a show about the things I love – food, cooking and travel. And while I’d love to sit here and tell you all about my trip, that would ruin the fun of watching the first episode! We are working hard to finish up the test kitchen and will be churning out complete episodes starting in Aug of 2013.  But in the meantime, please check back often as we will have interesting blog entries, recipes, and anything else my food-minded-imagination can think of.

I will share one part of my trip (that probably won’t make it on the first episode) and that is that camel tastes a lot like beef!

While in Texas I was told that if I wanted to eat “interesting” fare, I would find it at the Twisted Root Burger Company where they grill everything from Emu to Camel and adapt it to the American palate by melting cheese on it and wedging it in a hamburger bun.

The burger itself was good – I thought I would be able to easily distinguish between my wife’s beef burger and my camel burger – but I really could not. For all I know, they were both beef, or both camel. However, the bottom line is that they were good! So I am left with the experience that camel tastes like beef (at least I didn’t say chicken!). They also make their own root beer and we had a float, which was minty, sweet and creamy. The fried pickles that accompanied my camel burger were overly-salty (this, from a chef that enjoys his salt), but the fries, were good – they came with a little chipotle aioli which was very flavorful, although right on the borderline of overly-salted.

When in the Dubai of Texas, a little camel seemed to make sense! If you find yourself in Dallas, and enjoy trying different game meats, I recommend Twisted Root.

We also had a chance to eat at one of the best steak houses in the state, YO Steakhouse serves some pretty mean steaks – although I couldn’t resist the chicken-fried-lobster. Yes, it was as good as it sounded. Perfectly breaded lobster (flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs) with a Porcini mushroom sauce with garlic masha and sauteed portobello mushrooms. It was a hit in my book. The appetizer of bacon wrapped venison with cheese and a sweet reduction, was also quite a treat!

So that I don’t spoil the whole first episode, I’m going to leave you with this; if you are a connoisseur of fine food, or of you just like to “get your eat on.” Dallas is a serious contender in the world of good food! Like a good meal, it has left me wanting more.