Frog Legs!

How to cook Buffalo style frog legs!

On this episode of The Hot Skillet, Chef Cristian demonstrates a common method with an exotic ingredient. You will learn how to cook frog legs “buffalo” style.

Buffalo style is originally a recipe for deep fried chicken wings, where you finish them off with a hot sauce and butter-based sauce. Because frog legs are so similar to chicken wings, this recipe fits them perfectly. And they turn out fantastic!

Some of you may find this episode to be similar to a Bizzare Foods TV show, but those of you who appreciate exotic foods, will really love this frog leg recipe.

Frogs are sustainably farmed and are a common source of protein in many cultures – especially in French and Chinese cuisine. The frog legs used for this episode came from a Chinese bull frog farm which yields some of the meatiest and tastiest frog legs you can eat!

You can find frog legs in the freezer section of most Asian grocery stores.