Crispy Roast Pork Belly (Siu Yuk)

One of my guilty pleasures, when I lived back in Toronto, was to swing by my local Chinese Siu Mei (rotisserie) place and pick up a container of succulent, juicy, crispy-skinned, roast pork on rice and bok-choi. I’d sit in the parking lot and eat it in my car with some tunes blasting on the radio, and an ice-cold Coke. Man, that was life!

When I moved to the Tampa Bay area, my guilty pleasure was no longer available, due to the lack of Asian restaurants, and I went many years without this weekly staple.

Last year, I decided to recreate this recipe and spent several weeks perfecting it. The technique that put it all together was thoroughly drying the skin out over several days in the fridge, that was the golden ticket! As soon as I figured that one out, I could have all the Siu Yuk I could eat. Finally!